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Business Group:
Resilient Environments
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RE - Canada (DO NOT USE)
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Burnaby, BC
Multiple Clients
Work Related or Non-Work Related Observation?:
Work Related
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Ashcroft Terminal
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Unsafe Condition
Observer Name:
 Simon Lloyd-Price
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Integrity Management
    Hazard Evaluation & Risk Management
Could this have caused a life-changing injury, fatality, or stopped work at the site or location?
Does this observation relate to a task that was planned, included a risk assessment, and was subject to a task briefing?
Details of safety observation:
We were excavating archaeological evaluative units within a large construction site on a glaciolacustrine silt terrace. When the wind picks up, dust can be blown all over the place. Also, at times large rock trucks would be driving back and forth, being loaded up with sediment from the adjacent machine excavation. We were working with another subcontractor for this project (Kleanza). As part of the our morning tailgate meeting we were told there were dust masks in a bin in their truck that were available if the dust became an issue (optional PPE). For much of the morning it was not a problem, but mid-morning the adjacent excavation began loading trucks and the wind picked up. I went to get myself a dust mask, but couldn't actually find any.
Immediate action taken:
I inquired with the Kleanza crew lead (Rob Field) and, after again not finding them despite both of us searching, Rob immediately drove to the AT office (less than 5mins away) and returned with dust masks for us to use. Moral of the story: don't presume the available PPE is in a container; know it's there, see it... In this case it was a near miss since anything we might need is available nearby, but in some cases all the resources we have are only in the one truck and there is no backup.
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