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Business Unit:
Business Group:
Resilient Environments
Sub Business Group:
RE - Canada (DO NOT USE)
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Burnaby, BC
Multiple Clients
Work Related or Non-Work Related Observation?:
Work Related
Exact Location or Project of Act/Condition/Safe Behaviour:
Ashcroft Terminal
Observation Type:
Unsafe Condition
Observer Name:
 Simon Lloyd-Price
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Observation Category:
Work Environment
    Furniture and Work equipment
Could this have caused a life-changing injury, fatality, or stopped work at the site or location?
Does this observation relate to a task that was planned, included a risk assessment, and was subject to a task briefing?
Details of safety observation:
For many jobs we use tri-pods to screen sediment excavated during archaeological investigations. These tri-pods provide a stable frame from which we may hang a large screen. The use of such tri-pods allow us to inspect more sediment than a hand screen, faster, and with less physical effort. They are unsuitable for use in projects that involve long hikes or otherwise difficult foot access, but otherwise are essential to completing our work within budget. Tri-pods are also very stable if set up correctly, but if set up incorrectly they may create a hazard. I was setting up a tri-pod adjacent to a road embankment to screen the sediment from an auger test and, because it was the direction I had approached from, had placed the tri-pod with two of the legs up higher against the embankment. As I turned away to retrieve the rest of my equipment, the tri-pod toppled over. Although nobody else was nearby it would be plausible that, had anybody been right where it fell, that it may have caused some sort of minor injury. Furthermore, if the tri-pod hadn't toppled over at that moment and I had loaded the screen with sediment, it surely would have fallen over then, with more weight, or perhaps even snapped the downslope leg (and subsequently fallen) and required repairs.
Immediate action taken:
I set the tri-pod up correctly: If on any kind of slope ALWAYS set the tri-pod up with one leg upslope and two legs as evenly downslope as possible. Our tri-pods are very versatile and can accommodate many positions, so should manage uneven and sloping terrain if given a little thought. I also drank some water, realizing I was becoming slightly dehydrated, which may explain why I hadn't been cognizant of my initial error.
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